Tips For Starting a Youtube Channel

Hey Yal! Its Me Abby Here With Some Tips for Making a new Youtube channel!

  • One: Get a Great Recording Software
  • Two: Get A Great Working Microphone That Hooks up to your computer!
  • Three: Have Skype! You Won’t wanna be Playing alone!
  • Four: Find a Game that you Enjoy!
  • Five: Remember This is Not For Fame! Just Enjoy yourself!
  • Six: Put School Ahead and leave this as a Hobby ( Unless your done with School )
  • Seven: This May Become a Full-Time Job!
  • Eight: Get a Sponsor Like: Machinma!
  • Nine: Try Going to Mine-con an other Events So that your widely known!
  • Ten: Interact With Your Fans!
  • Eleven: Make Sure to do Special Videos! Like: 100 Subscriber special!
  • Twelve: Be Nice to Your Fans But Don’t Let them Boss You Around! This Is your Channel!
  • Thirteen: Most Of all! You May Record with your Inspiration!
  • Fourteen: Have an Inspiration!
  • Fifteen: Ignore All That Hate from Other People! They Are Just Jealous!
  • Sixteen: Have Some sort of Single player Series! ( Don’t Play With People all The Time! )

Familiars Reunited

Luce climbed a building and sat on the roof grooming herself. She Stared down at the humans passing around, signs saying to catch her for one million gold coins. Luce licked her tabby fur then suddenly jumped up and started hissing. It seems the town had hired a bounty hunter named Kilik. She Started jumping from roof to roof avoiding his arrows he yelled angrily,” I’ll Get you cat! I Will!” he continued shooting his arrows at her. Luce kept jumping on the roofs almost slipping from the stress the bounty on her was creating. Finally she slipped but since she was a cat she landed on all fours, Luce saw Kilik approaching and she slid under his spread out legs. She hissed at him she saw him start yelling a lot,” Quit moving you peice of junk!” she ran into some sort of shop and she slid into a cage not knowing that she was in in the Familiar shop. Luce remembered her Loyal, Abigail she missed her since the battle. She remembered Abigail being injured. Suddenly she saw a familiar shape. It was Hastraf the wizard that trained the young wizards with.. Wait Abigail? But Abigail seemed to be looking over at different animals. Luce quickly mewed,” Abigail Abigail! Over here! “ Abigail perked her ears up,” Hastraf I Think I hear Luce!” he replied,” How?” Abigail said,” I Heard her over here! ” Hastraf followed to the tabby cat,” You sure this is her ?” Abigail said eagerly,” Yes! It Is! Look Its the battle scar on her ear!” Abigail pointed to the chunk gone from Luce’s ear. Luce started yawning and curled up to sleep quietly. Hastraf spoke to the shopkeeper,” This one please “ Luce Opened her eye and peered at the shopkeeper as he opened her cage. Luce quickly stared meowing silently when he set her on Abigail’s open arms and closed her eyes. Abigail spoke,” Luce say something. Please” Luce meowed,” What?” Abigail smirked. Luce quickly curled up in her Loyal’s arms and quietly slept. She woke up at a small cottage in a clearing then mewed,” Where are we? “ Abigail said,” Stone Hollow. Remember?” Luce Meowed,” Ohhh yea..”  Abigail set Luce down so she could roam around. Luce stretched then padded beside Abigail to the Cottage then she entered her room. It Looked different as Luce inspected it, Where was her bed? Abigail spoke quickly like she read Luce’s mind,” We Had to make some accommodations for my spine, You know I broke it after the battle oh got taken away and…” Abigail Paused. “ Continue Abigail” Luce meowed. Abigail Continued,” But we had to move your bed into the attic for the time being” Luce’s eyes widened,” Where am I going to sleep tonight then?” Abigail laid her head down. “ Hastraf is getting it down. Then washing it. He knows how picky you are about sleeping” they both giggled. Luce heard her stomach growling,” Food?” Abigail replied,” Ohh yea… “ Abigail motioned her hand down the stairs.” It should be down here “ Luce poofed  at the bottom of the stairs while Abigail ran down.” I Forgot you have telekinesis and teleportation.” Luce smiled and pranced around the bottom waiting for Abigail to get down. Luce heard Hastraf climbing down the ladder,” Hastraf is about done I think” Abigail had finally made it down the stairs and was walking to the dining room. Luce saw her chair all nice and clean with milk and tuna bowls in front of it. Luce hopped up and suddenly froze. She felt that she couldn’t move any part of her body or her eyes, she heard Abigail calling Hastraf. Luce’s heart suddenly quit beating, Abigail screamed,” Hastraf! Its Finally happening to her!!” Luce was confused but soon blacked out . Once Luce woke again she felt Abigail Spooning milk into her mouth Luce felt her heart beating. Soon After the dinner incident Luce could move but only her head and eyes for most of the night. Luce Woke up several times that night but the last time she woke up she stayed up. Luce used her telekinesis and Lifted her Bed outside on to the stone that was in front of the door. Once she set it down Luce started roaming the yard for a bit to clear her head. So Much had happened that day she needed time to herself. Then She heard a knife getting pulled out she froze. It Was Kilik the bounty hunter, she ran inside and quickly woke Abigail. Abigail groaned,” What is it!” Then Abigail looked out her window. “ Oh Thats it. I Probably need to wake Hastraf now!” Luce ran and beat Abigail to his room and started meowing into his ear.” Get Up Please Please please!” Hastraf suddenly woke up and spoke,” What is it Luce And Abigail?” Luce mewed quickly,” Kilik is a bounty hunter and he was after me after I was separated from you guys. So He is Here Right now!” Harstaf shoved his robe on then there was a thump on the door,” Let Me in Kitty Kitty!” Luce started shivering from head to paw. Abigail picked up her and asked,” Hastraf where should we go? It seems the Bounty hunter has sliver! Thats making Luce shake!” Harstaf spoke quickly. “ Into the attic both of you!” Abigail Ran to the ladder and started climbing. While Luce used her telekinesis to lift her up onto the entrance. Once Abigail made it up  she closed the attic door and grabbed Luce and sat on the empty bed up there. Luce still felt herself shaking from the silver but relaxed her muscles and tried to sleep. Once Luce had woken herself she felt her paws not shaking from the silver anymore. Luce looked around the attic and saw Abigail still sound asleep. Luce decided to go awaken Abigail by licking her face repeated times until Abigail groaned,” Luce I Was having the best dream! Ughhhh” Luce mewed quietly,” I Don’t care I don’t wanna roam this house alone…” Abigail quickly put on her robe and went downstairs.” Hastraf! Hastraf!!!” Luce sped up after Abigail to the door.” Hello Luce..” said a mysterious voice,” Oh Oh Oh Oh My!” Luce started shaking from some sort of silver. Abigail noticed the expression on her face and suddenly whispered,” Luce. Attic. Now. “ Luce fled to the attic and quickly teleported out of the attic onto a beam above Abigail. Luce watched Abigail cautiously as she opened the door. Abigail suddenly slapped the strange man,” Kilik Get out of MY HOUSE” She screamed. Kilik suddenly covered his ears,” Ow! My Ears! Wheres that Dang Cat! “ Abigail spoke quickly but her voice sounding justified. “ Luce isn’t here you Dumbo. “ she slapped him again,” Now Get OUT OF MY HOUSE!!” and pushed him out of the doorway. By the time she finished him Hastraf was awake. “What was all that commotion about?” Abigail replied grimly,” Kilik. “ then called Luce,” Luce Come here!” Luce jumped down from the beams then Abigail looked surprised,” I Thought you were in the attic..Bad Kitty!” Luce teleported back up to the beam to escape Abigails grasp.

I’m writing My own Fan fiction Novel!

Here’s A Preview of my Book! The Prophesied Three (Book one) Hope you guys will enjoy it when its out!




Chapter 1


Olivekit stretched, accidentally poking her brother Zerokit. She looked and saw her brother  glaring at her. “Hey! I did it on accident. Yesh!”, said Olivekit. Zerokit replied with a grunt, “Yea right. I’m telling FlowerLeaf when she wakes up!”.  Olivekit shrank away for a little bit, pondering what would happen. In the morning, Olivekit heard very loud groaning. She guessed it was Zerokit not enjoying the grooming from their mother, FlowerLeaf. She stretched carefully not to poke Zerokit even though he was awake. She carefully avoided her mother. She did not want grooming today.

“Oh! There you are Olivekit. Have you forgotten your grooming today?”, said FlowerLeaf. Olivekit scrambled away, but she was not fast enough to avoid her mother’s tongue. She heard Zerokit saying, “ Well I’m going to be an apprentice today!”, and he did  not notice Olivekit for a second. Soon he rephrased it, “Olivekit and I are going to be apprentices today.”.  Olivekit mewed a sigh of relief.

It was her last day being groomed. Then her father, Icestar, walked into the nursery saying cheerfully,“Well look at my almost apprentices.”. Olivekit saw him looking at FeatherLeaf with loving eyes.“ Well I must see if my deputy is up.” as he swayed out of the entrance, leaving his kits and mate speechless.

Chapter 2

Olivekit could hear her fathers yowl saying, “Let all cats old enough to catch their prey gather beneath the Tall Rock for a meeting!” . Olivekit could hear her brother Zerokit saying, “ Fluffhead come on!” then Olivekit scrambled out of the nursery. She joined her brother in the center of the hollow. She started twitching and Zerokit glared at her. She soon stopped and looked patiently at the Tall Rock hoping her father would come out any second. Then she saw her fathers grey pelt hop onto the Tall Rock. With his deputy Muddyclaw sitting at the bottom. Then he said, “We have here today to make two new apprentices, Zerokit you are now Zeropaw your mentor will be Muddyclaw.” Then Zeropaw and Muddyclaw touched noses and then sat down together. Then her father said, “Olivekit you will now be Olivepaw and your mentor will be Thrushwing.” then she ran and touched noses. She thought,” I have the best mentor ever!” then she heard her mentor saying, “ Are you done daydreaming yet? Because I need to show you the territory.” Olivepaw shook out of her dream then said, “ I’m ready now!” then Thrushwing said, “ Great! We are going now.” then Olivepaw said, “ What?!” after she spoke Thrushwing ran to the entrance. Then said, “ If we are lucky we might be able to join Muddyclaw, Zeropaw, Shorepaw, and PoolFlight .” then Olivepaw scrambled to catch up with Thrushwing. Then they headed out of camp once she caught up.

Chapter 3

Olivepaw looked around to see if she saw Zeropaw. She heard a “Squeak!” and then turned around to see Zeropaw trying to act like a rabbit with Shorepaw close behind. She flicked her tail  feeling amused in a way. Then she saw Zeropaw glaring once more like he always did.  She followed her mentor Thrushwing and glared back at Zeropaw surprising him then he glared back. She saw Thrushwing motioning her to the training hill. Then she heard Muddyclaw saying, “We should probably try the basic hunting moves. So we can go on the early hunting  patrol tomorrow morning.” Zeropaw groaned,”Do we have to?!”. Then Muddyclaw said sternly,”Unless you wanna clean out ticks from Lillypad’s fur.” Zeropaw eyes widened and then sniffed in disgust. She heard Muddyclaw whispering to Thrushwing and Poolflight saying,” I knew that he would be a pain!” Zeropaw said, “HEY!” Muddyclaw returned the yell, “ NO  EVSE DROPPING!” Zeropaw’s head drooped. Muddyclaw then said, “We better explore the rest of the territory then return to camp.” Muddyclaw looked at the three apprentices then said, “Now I’ll show you the Leafclan border its a bit like Thunderclan from the books.” he motioned his tail to a forest filled area. “And now Poolclan. A bit like Shadowclan & Riverclan from the books.” He motioned his tail to a marshy area. “We should get to camp now.” Olivepaw, Zeropaw and Shorepaw followed silently.As they arrived to camp the clan was sleeping. Muddyclaw suddenly said,” Go get some rest. Now.”

the apprentices obeyed. Olivepaw snuggled up close to her warm mossy nest and let sleep over take her.

Chapter 4

When Olivepaw woke up she looked over to see Zeropaw laying on top of Shorepaw.

Olivepaw quickly but quietly padded out of the apprentice’s den and when she looked back she saw Shorepaw pawing Zeropaw’s face. She was relieved that she didn’t get in that mess. Olivepaw started walking to the fresh kill pile to see if there was a thrush or a vole maybe. Olivepaw saw Shorepaw walking towards the fresh kill pile and she started running when she saw a vole in the pile and she grabbed it

before Shorepaw. “Oh Come on! I wanted that,” Shorepaw wailed. Olivepaw replied, “Well its mine now! Losers weepers finders keepers!” then Shorepaw started throwing a fit,” But I wanted it! It was mine!” Olivepaw rolled her eyes then started tearing into the vole. Olivepaw felt the juicy meat seep into her mouth and she savored every bite. While Olivepaw was enjoying her feast she saw Thrushwing and Poolflight come out of the warrior’s den and she saw the expression on Poolflight & Thrushwings face. They were not happy for sure. Then she quickly finished her vole so that Shorepaw had no proof. But anyways she was the leader’s daughter hardly anyone could get her in trouble. She overheard Shorepaw & Thrushwing talking, “ Shorepaw stop trying to get in her business! When will you ever learn that shes the leader’s daughter and that i’m her mentor!” Exclaimed Thrushwing, Shorepaw started groaning, “ But mom…” Thrushwing cut Shorepaw off,” Not buts Mister! Your now on Elder ticks duty.” Shorepaw’s eyes grew big,”Not Lillypad & Vinesnake’s fur!” Shorepaw ran to the apprentices den. Olivepaw her Zeropaw’s Voice in a unhappy tune, “ Why did you disturb me from my sleep Shorepaw?” Shorepaw replied,”You needed to get up anyway its almost sun-high.” Zeropaw glanced at Olivepaw like he was expecting backup. But she just stood there glancing at the Tall rock.

  Chapter 5

Olivepaw heard Muddyclaw calling patrols and no way she was getting outa this one.

Shorepaw was not able to join them because he was on elder duty. So it was just her, Thrushwing, Zeropaw, & Muddyclaw. Oh she could only imagine. But Zeropaw and her mentor needed  to eat, majorly. So she decided to go to the pond and wash herself. Though she would have to tell her father Icestar and his deputy Muddyclaw where she was going. Olivepaw padded up to her father’s den and sat there until he said, “ Come in Olivepaw.” Olivepaw quickly walked into his den. “ What do you need Olivepaw?” said Icestar, Olivepaw replied, “ I was just going to say I’m going to go wash myself in the pond.” Muddyclaw padded in. Olivepaw & Icestar both stared at him. Muddyclaw suddenly said, “ Oh Was I interrupting a meeting?” Olivepaw glared at him. “Yes you were,” then Olivepaw padded out of her dad’s den and went to the pond like she was going to before Muddyclaw interrupted her. Then Shorepaw walked up to her,” Hey Olivepaw can I join you?” Olivepaw replied,” Sure.” then her and Shorepaw walked out of camp before Zeropaw could join. While Olivepaw and Shorepaw were walking Shorepaw asked,” Uh Olivepaw can I Tell you something?” she replied,” Go ahead,” then Shorepaw spoke. “Well uh.. I like you.. a lot” Olivepaw froze in her tracks. He Liked her? Zeropaw would be outraged.  Shorepaw came closer,” What are we standing here for?” Olivepaw replied. “Ooops Sorry we should get going,” Shorepaw,” Ok” the padded off to the pond. Shorepaw Said,” Did I Say something to much?” Olivepaw replied,” I’m just thinking. If Zeropaw Finds out he is gonna get outraged. Thats all” they got into the pond,” Cold cold cold!” Shorepaw cried. Olivepaw Laughed,” Shorepaw its just water. Duhh!” Shorepaw was still holding up his paw,” What was that?” Olivepaw Screamed,” Thats DOGS! RUN!” Shorepaw screamed,” DOGS RUN!” once they got to camp everyone was scrambling the medicine cat Poppyseed was making sure that she had all her herbs. They Were already preparing cause they heard at the gathering at Five Stones That They have already invaded Cloudclan and to watch out. Icestar was Yelling,” Get in your Attack Positions Now! Olivepaw Suddenly noticed her mentor beckoning her with her tail. Icestar Said,” LeafClan has passed them on to us! Get Ready! And Mentors Train your apprentices your most deadly moves!” Olivepaw froze, What?? They were gonna Kill the dogs?? She thought for a moment, No its not Possible. When She read the books in the medicine cats den about the Forest and the Lake She remembered a part were Bluestar Drowned taking the dogs with her. Olivepaw shivered she did not want that to happen to her dad. That would be bad though he had 8/9 lives left he couldn’t swim. Only Cloudclan could swim Thighstar was in charge of teaching kits to swim, so that they could escape the occasional floods. Well Coldclan, could run swiftly and climb trees swiftly. Poolclan’s special ability was ambushes in their marshy area and the dark. Leafclan’s was attacking their prey from the treetops. She never thought about it though. But her thoughts were interrupted by Thrushwing,” What are you waiting for?” Olivepaw stared.

“Sorry Thrushwing.” Thrushwing motioned her tail again. Olivepaw followed, Thrushwing Suddenly spoke,” This move is called the death bite. You bite their neck. We only use this on dogs.” Olivepaw nodded,” Got it” Thrushwing meowed,” Good” Olivepaw Bit a squirrel on the neck.”Like this?” Thrushwing replied,” Yes exactly, But we should report back to camp…” Olivepaw heard a screech,” DOGS!” Olivepaw and Thrushwing Ran to camp. Thrushwing unsheathed her claws while running so did Olivepaw. Olivepaw stared with wide eyes she saw her mom Protecting HorseGrouse and her kit, Skykit. Olivepaw rushed over to help her, Flowerleaf yelled over the dog’s Barking,” SOMEONE SAVE LILLYPAD AND VINESNAKE!” Olivepaw rushed over and bit the dog’s neck. “Get outa Here Lillypad & Vinesnake!” they quickly obeyed, without hesitation. Olivepaw quickly bit the dog’s neck again but harder, the dog yelped and ran. Olivepaw sighed,” One down 3 more to go..” Olivepaw flashed her attention to her father Icestar protecting Shorepaw as his leg gushed blood. Olivepaw ran over and bit the dogs neck harder than before, it yelped and ran away. Icestar said,” Thanks Olivepaw. Did Thrushwing teach you that?” Olivepaw replied,” Yes She did. Now get Shorepaw to the medicine den!” Icestar picked up Shorepaw’s Scruff and Ran over to Poppyseed’s den. Olivepaw quickly looked around for any more dogs. Thrushwing quickly padded up,” There gone.” Olivepaw searched the hollow. She saw Flowerleaf bleeding. Olivepaw screamed,” JETPAW GET OVER HERE WITH SOME MARIGOLD! NOW!” Jetpaw quickly rushed over. Jetpaw quickly chewed up the marigold and  put some on Flowerleaf’s Wound then he rushed back to the den, then came out again. He was carrying Poppy Seeds & Comfemery and then got to work. Olivepaw quickly entered the medicine den, she saw Shorepaw’s side gushing but the blood was slowing down enough for Poppyseed to put on some ointment. She could see the comfermy that Jetpaw was grabbing. Olivepaw worried, then thought,” What if Shorepaw dies?” The thought scared her she didn’t want to think about it anymore. She padded to the elder’s den and saw Lillypad grooming Vinesnake’s fur. She was relieved they were okay, cause they were the only elders in camp, And probably the whole forest. Then suddenly she felt her limbs go limp, she cried out,” Help! I can’t get u..” then she coughed.

Poppyseed rushed over with wide eyes,” What Happened Olivepaw?” Olivepaw tried to reply but all that came out was a squeak. Jetpaw ran over,” Uh Poppyseed look!” he pointed to a deep gash near her throat. “Oh No! For Starclan’s sake! Why didn’t you tell us?” again she tried to speak but all that came out was a squeak then a cough. “Uh Poppyseed I also think that she has green cough.” Jetpaw said quietly. Poppyseed cursed,” Great Starclan!!!” Jetpaw helped Olivepaw back to the medicine den. Then she said,” You really need to think of yourself. You lost your voice.” Olivepaw groaned. “Well that doesn’t help!” Jetpaw paused.” Wait you can TALK?” Olivepaw replied in a cough then said nothing more. Jetpaw called Poppyseed into the den,” I think you need to give Olivepaw catmint.” Poppyseed grabbed the catmint and gave it to Olivepaw then said,” Eat up!” then Olivepaw licked it up. She smiled gratefully thought the sour taste was still fresh on her tongue. Poppyseed broke the silence,” Jetpaw we must get out. Icestar wants to see her.” Poppyseed and Jetpaw quickly padded out and Icestar came in.”Is My Daughter alright?” Olivepaw replied with a cough again. Icestar mewed,” I better leave you to rest.” then he swayed out of the den. Olivepaw quickly let her heavy eyelids close, when she fell asleep finally she went to Starclan &  saw the first Leader of Coldclan,”Urmaniastar” was the name. Urmaniastar padded up to her,”Hello young one.” Olivepaw’s jaw dropped. “H..h..h..hi” she replied. Urmaniastar touched her head with her muzzle,” I believe I should leave you to rest. Take care young one.” then she disappeared into the mist. Olivepaw jerked her head awake, and she tried to bend her neck but when she did she felt a throbbing pain. Olivepaw pushed herself from her nest quietly but carefully and padded outside the den. Olivepaw quickly found a spot to sit, she pushed herself to the top of Tall rock. She let the light of silverpelt inclose her in the night air, and she slept peacefully. She woke with paws jabbing at her throat she yelled,” QUIT IT! THAT HURTS!” Poppyseed pushed the anxious kit away from her. Olivepaw relaxed her muscles but then again felt pain at her gash in her throat. Olivepaw quickly showed a painful expression at Skykit,” Can you quit it?” Skykit replied,” Oh. Sorry” then scampered off. Olivepaw let her eyelids close again but this time not getting woken up. But when she woke she was in the medicine den once again in her nest.  Poppyseed put some catmint in front of her to lick up. Olivepaw licked it up gratefully though the taste was still very sour on her tongue. Her stomach growled, she looked up at Poppyseed. “Can you get me some prey please?” Poppyseed motioned her tail to Jetpaw who just padding into the den with a thrush. Jetpaw set it down, “Here you go. Enjoy!” Olivepaw smiled gratefully. Then she teared into the thrush letting the delicious meat seep into her mouth, while she savored every mouthful of the prey. She felt her throat groan for water. She quickly padded out to the little pond in the camp. Olivepaw quickly drank and she felt her parched throat go silent. She saw Shorepaw pad over to her,” Hows your throat?” she replied,” Not healed. How about you gash in your leg?” Shorepaw went silent. He lifted up his limp leg,” I Can’t heal.” Olivepaw tried to bend her neck, but then a sudden gushing pain came. She fell to her legs then thought,”What if mine doesn’t heal? What if I can’t become a warrior?” the thought of it just shocked her. She felt her eyelids go heavy, Olivepaw saw a puddle of blood around her then she saw Poppyseed rushing over Olivepaw let her eyelids fall. She woke with almost the whole clan surrounding  her. She was shocked to see her father wasn’t there and neither was Jetpaw, she coughed out blood then fainted. When she woke up again she heard meowing and lots of meowing. Olivepaw felt dizzy with all the faces up close to her then she quickly mewed,” Can you give me some space? Yesh!” the audience looked surprised at her response.

Skykit started pulling at her ear,” Thats a big ear!’ Olivepaw glared at Skykit,” I’m In PAIN RIGHT NOW!” Skykit replied,” Oops!” HorseGrouse quickly pulled Skykit away with her tail. Blood was streaming down Olivepaw’s face,” Quickly! Get Comfermery!” Jetpaw said while rushing in with Icestar. Poppyseed meowed angrily,” Where where YOU?” Jetpaw didn’t reply then  pushed her way to Olivepaw and quickly put cobwebs on Olivepaw’s neck.

Chapter 6

Olivepaw woke and looked at her bloodstained pelt, where was she? Then she looked around and saw stary cats surrounding her. Olivepaw froze,” Am I in Starclan? “ then a fiery tom padded up,” Yes you are Olivepaw.” Olivepaw turned around and saw about a million stary cats surrounding herself,” Are…Are..are you Firestar? Ferncloud, Bluestar!” the three cats padded up to her. Olivepaw froze,” Am I Dead? “ Ferncloud replied,” Sadly Yes.” Ferncloud started cleaning Olivepaw’s pelt. Olivepaw wailed,” Daddy.. Mommy.. Zeropaw! Shorepaw.. Jetpaw! “ Olivepaw cried out. Bluestar brushed her spine with her tail ,” I know I know… “ Olivepaw sank to her knees,” But WHY! “ she wailed. Firestar looked at a big tom padding up,” Lionheart please tell her..” Lionheart meowed quickly,” Well you bled out after a few days with that injury. “ Olivepaw Wailed once more,” My Daddy! Mommy!” Lionheart motioned his tail to a small injured cat,” Swiftpaw if you tell her maybe she will understand a bit more.” Swiftpaw replied,” Okay. Well I Got killed back in the forest by Tigerstar’s half-trained pack of dogs. Sadly I Didn’t survive. “ Olivepaw Laid her head down then yawned,” Can I Sleep now?” but she didn’t wait for an answer and fell asleep. Olivepaw awoke in the medicine den then thought, Wait did I JUST see the FUTURE? Olivepaw heard Poppyseed yawn,” You’ve finally stopped wailing Olivepaw. Now Don’t move or you will possibly visit Starclan permanently.” Olivepaw Saw her parents enter, Flowerleaf started meowing quickly,” Honey You’re alive!!” Icestar mewed happily,” Olivepaw! “ Olivepaw meowed,” I think I saw the future, And I went to Starclan!”


The Season of Sickness

Hey Guys its Abby C. I got a throbbing headache last night it hurt alot and it took a while for the headache medicine to work. Today is the same problem but worse I have a sore throat with it to top it off and thats only the beginning to the Season Of Sickness.